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How we work has changed. How do you know that you’re making the best use of technology to make your employees and business as efficient
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1. “In U.S., Telecommuting for Work Climbs to 37%,” 2015, Gallup 2. “Federal Workers’ Personal Devices Pose Security Risk,” 2015, USA Today
October 6 Common Types of 18 2016 Remote Workers
Not all remote workers are the same. Their technological needs will vary by the job they’re doing, their preferences, and their work lifestyles. Maintaining top talent across your organization may very well bring in more remote workers in more roles than you’ve considered before. These six types of remote workers’ own personalities and work schedules often dictate what they need to keep performing well. To set up your employees to succeed, it’s important to give them the tools and infrastructure that enable them to be as productive
as possible.
Near or far, Office 365 brings work capabilities to wherever your remote workers may be.
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