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David Chapman
Director General
WYSE Travel Confederation
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read New Horizons IV, the latest iteration of the only recurring global survey of the youth travel market.
New Horizons is the most comprehensive global perspective available on the youth and student travel market. Who travelled where, why, and for how long? How did young travellers plan and book their trips? How much was spent during these trips and on what? These are some of the key questions answered by New Horizons. Not only will you see the most recent results of the 2017 survey, but trends in youth and student travel since 2002.
Covering a record number of responses from all corners of the world, the fourth report in the New Horizons series reflects
not only the growing number of young travellers traversing the globe, but the youth travel industry’s incredible ability to adapt to the evolving demands of youth. Your professional commitment to making travel experiences accessible to young people always impresses me.
One of us alone could not have collected the more than 57,000 responses from 188 countries and territories that are represented in this report. Members of the WYSE Travel Confederation community did this together. Thank you for coming together for this important project. I hope you enjoy the report.

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