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8 Validity
This sections describes the validity of the data and information used and collected during this research. The document has been evaluated by an occupational and organizational psychologist with a broad experience in management consulting. First the data is validated and after that the findings are discussed.
8.1 Data validation
Figure 7: The dataset visualized with and without Americans
One of the major uncertainties of the collected data is the fact that the questionnaire is mainly filled out by people living in the United Stated of America. Almost 50% of the people who filled out the questionnaire turned out to be American or currently living in America. This research is interested in a global view and focused on American opinions. The dataset was decomposed in a set of Americans and a set of non-Americans. The data used is representative for a broader group of people, and does not only take American opinions into consideration. It can be concluded that the results are not influenced by Americans and representative for a broader group of remote workers.
8.2 Validity of findings
It should be mentioned at first, that the people whom are approached all work for remote companies and did personally choose to fill out the survey. This could have influences the results. The intervie- wees are people whom are open to an interview and are willing to talk about this topic. Which could have been from major influence.
Although the research has reached its aims, there were some unavoidable limitations. First, the time limit. Finding and being able to work for a good company did took much more time then was expected in the beginning. Furthermore, the researcher did not have many experience with this topic, nor with related topics.
Other limitations found during this research where: the sample size of the survey and interviews. If more interviews were conducted, which was not possible in the time set, a better understanding could have been realized. Next to that, specific interviews could have been conducted, related to specific themes found in scientific literature.
Literature research has been conducted during the first phase and during the validation phase. This has been based on some keywords that have been used based on best-knowledge of the field and try and error. It cannot be guaranteed that these keywords cover all articles related to this topic. Furthermore, the search was limited to the Scopus research database and Google Scholar . This
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