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9 Conclusion
Our knowledge about distributed teams is continuously growing. Organizations start embracing re- mote working although the exact pros and contras are still unclear, more research is needed on the impact of remote work on working life and how it is related to job satisfaction. The goal of this re- search is to get a better understanding about two important issues amongst those working remotely, job satisfaction and work-life balance issues. Additionally the influence of cultural differences on these topics are researched. This research is an explorative study focused on the aforementioned topics in the context of remote work. Based on findings of previous research the importance of these topics have been determined and chosen. Job satisfaction was deemed the most important advantage and work-life balance the hardest issue to overcome. The influence of cultural difference on these two topics is taken into consideration in a separate section. The information was collected from three different sources: nonscientific and scientific literature, a questionnaire, and in-depth interviews.
In this chapter the conclusions of the three research questions are discussed. Beginning with job satisfaction, followed by work-life balance, and cultural differences.
9.1 Job satisfaction
RQ1: What are perceived to be the main influencing factors for the high levels of job satisfaction by remote workers?
Remote offices are increasing in populairty. Different scientific studies showed that flexible workers have higher levels of overall job satisfaction. A direct influence of remote work on job satisfaction is found in scientific literature, but the influencing factors on job satisfactions are not discussed in previous scientific literature. During this research, the main influencing factors for remote workers on their job satisfaction are explored. It is found that remote working employees tend to love their jobs, even if the remote part is the only part they really like about it. Below are the specific conclusions of the different influencing factors on job satisfaction for remote workers.
Freedom of work
The reasons employees work remote can vary widely. The most popular one given was that they enjoy having the freedom of choosing when and where to work (41%). Others cited family needs and a dislike of working in an office. A sizable group (22%) work remotely because their job requires them to. During this research, the similar results are found. Until now, freedom of work, was correlated to job satisfaction in scientific literature. But there is no relation confirmed in scientific literature between freedom of work for remote workers and their job satisfaction. The impact is substantial and called by the majority of remote workers as an essential part of their job satisfaction.
Flexibility not only contributes to job satisfaction, it can also shore up productivity. All of the interviewees agreed to be more productive outside the office.
However, the kind of remote working arangements introduced within an organisation should be con- cidered carefully. It is safe to say that flexibility is important. This also includes the flexibility to not work remotely.
Autonomy in the work place influences many different aspects for employees. Autonomy was not in- cluded in the questionnaire of this research. During the interviews everyone described the importance of autonomy, Which for them contributed highly to their job satisfaction. Similar findings are found in scientific literature. Although it is confirmed in scientific literature that their is a positive relation
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