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Nomad tip:
"Donate all the items you won’t be bringing with you. Keeping them in storage is useless. I have a box of things at a family member’s basement back in the States and I don’t miss anything in there.
As soon as I return, I’ll be getting rid of it all."
Sara Nourse, Content Creator
1. Pile and purge: Gather all of your items in one heap, and
then remove items one at a time and make the decision to lose or keep.
2. If you don’t love it, lose it: Chances are, if you have to think twice about keeping an item, you really don’t need it after all.
3. Let go of nostalgia: We all have items with sentimental value,
but not everything we own needs to be tied to a memory. Your memories are your memories, and they live in your mind, not in your belongings. Let go.
4. Respect your stuff: With fewer possessions, you’ll learn to treat them better. That new shawl? Maybe not best stored in
a ball at the bottom of your suitcase.
5. Learn the art of the fold: Kondo points out that folding is a lot more space-efficient than hanging. Folded clothes are also much easier to transport!
Credit: Marie Kondo

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