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for applications and renewals, because they can take weeks, if not months to go through.
If you’re planning to live as a nomad within your own country, you obviously will not require any sort of visa. Just pack your bags and
go. That said, some countries are making it easier than ever to go in between partner countries. VisaCentral’s quick-check tool is a great place to look if you are unsure where to go and want to prioritize a country with lax visa policies. For U.S. residents, you’d be surprised by how easy it can be to go in and out of many countries. In fact, U.S. citizens get access to 174 countries in the world by way of having an up-to-date passport. Instead of applying in advance, you’ll speak with a border agent who will process your visa upon your arrival.
Part of your responsibility as a digital nomad is navigating the laws of the countries you are departing and entering. Given the complexities of the global landscape, it’s critical to do your due diligence and thoroughly research your visa obligations early in your planning process.
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