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Digital Nomad Lifestyle Julia Haking
Knowledge and skills related to professional development should respond to future demand. Berger (2017) suggests that interpersonal skills, such as customer service and leadership, and basic technology skills, are important cross-functional skills across industries and job titles. Specializing in specific fields is becoming more popular, especially among the younger generation, for meeting the demand for specific skills (ibid). The World Economic Forum (2016) projected demands for skills in different industries for the year 2020. Table 1 ranks the overall core skill sets that will be required in 2020. In comparison, employers were asked about innovative workforce strategies to align future skill requirements with disrupted business models7.
Table 1. Strategies and skills for thriving in the knowledge age
Featured skills in 2020
Future workforce strategies
Complex Problem Solving
Invest in reskilling current employees
Critical Thinking
Support mobility and job rotation
Collaborate, educational institutions
People Management
Target female talent
Coordinating with Others
Attract foreign talent
Emotional Intelligence
Offer apprenticeships
Judgement and Decision Making
Collaborate, other companies across industries
Service Orientation
Collaborate, other companies in industries
Target minorities’ talent
Cognitive flexibility
Hire more short-term workers
2.3 The key role of an entrepreneurial mindset
The digital nomad lifestyle provides many opportunities for digital nomads to use their unique and dispersed knowledge for professional development. The ability to recognize, exploit and promote ideas and opportunities requires an entrepreneurial mindset. As stated in the previous chapter, economic growth depends on shared knowledge and collective intelligence, which is why countries are experiencing a shift from a managed to an entrepreneurial economy (Audretsch & Thurik, 2000). Thus, economists have recognized the entrepreneurial role in exploiting and promoting knowledge spillovers and acting on innovative ideas to respond to the demand for superior products and services (Parker, 2009; Audretsch & Thurik, 2000). Therefore, countries that have strong scientific institutions, pioneering engineers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of technology development (Bresnahan, 2010; Freeman & Louca, 2001). These pioneers and entrepreneurs meet at the global knowledge frontier and build bridges between the most recent innovations and thriving knowledge (Formica, 2013).
Audretsch et al. (2006) argue that regions that have a greater endowment of entrepreneurial culture have a higher propensity to discover, create and act on opportunities. In their approach, entrepreneurial culture facilitates knowledge spillovers and ideas, and ultimately generates superior economic performance for organizations, individuals and the entire region (ibid). Therefore, it is important to grasp the entrepreneurial culture in Bali’s digital nomad community. Entrepreneurial culture is a collective programming of the mind towards entrepreneurial values, such as risk taking, proactiveness, the acceptance of failure, individualism, independence, achievement and openness (Hofstede, 2001).
7 An insufficient understanding of resource constraints and disruptive changes may cause a mismatch between the transformative techno-economic paradigm and upcoming workforce strategies

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