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Digital Nomads and Job Creation in Bali 2017-12-14, 21)52
6. What kind of digital nomad are you? * Tick all that apply
Tick all that apply.
Remote employee Freelancer Entrepreneur
7. What motivated you in becoming a digital nomad? Select the top three (3) factors * Tick all that apply.
To be independent
Higher income
Better work conditions
Capital, space, equipment opportunities Saw business opportunities
I wanted to start a business
Recently graduated and saw the opportunity to become a digital nomad
I gained business ideas while working at my last company and pursued that opportunity Due to job loss/layoff and saw an opportunity
Joined the family business
Nature of occupation
No jobs available locally
I am a (full-time) traveller and wanted to become location independent
I wanted to explore the world
I wanted a better lifestyle
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