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Tom XIX | Zeszyt 2 | Część I | ss. 259–266
Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat | Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu, Wydział Gospodarki Międzynarodowej
Digital Nomads – Entrepreneurship or New Lifestyle?1
Abstract: The development of new technologies and the increasing ease of Internet ac- cess have combined to contribute to the formation of new styles of living and working. One example is the increasing trend of people choosing to become ‘digital nomads’, whose lifestyle connects earning money and realizing passion for travelling and being indepen- dent. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce digital nomads as a new phenomenon within global trends of employment in the context of technological development and li- festyle changes. The paper also compares the key behaviors of digital nomads with those of entrepreneurial behaviors. The paper concludes that being a successful digital nomad necessitates having entrepreneurial behaviors.
Key words: digital nomads, entrepreneurship, work-life balance
The development of new technologies, constant access to the Internet and information, and increase in mobile device usage have all rapidly become key determinants for the appearance of new trends in consumer behavior, lifestyle, and work. Combinations of these elements have meant new connections between technology and people’s lives. One of the newest trends in the development of new professions has been the appea- rance of the digital nomads [Nitz 2011, pp. 17–18, Makimoto 2013, pp. 40–47, David 2016]. These are the people who connect earning money and realizing passion for tra- velling and being independent, for what they mainly use tele informatics solutions and information access. Their life and behavior is a kind of entrepreneurial activities` usage. Their appearance has led to new research on the topic, but the scientific literature on digital nomads remains limited. The existing literature can be found in books by Jacobs and Gussekloo [2016] and Kannisto [2014]; blogs such as the one by Fabjańczyk [2016]
1 The paper was financed with the scientific grant no. 2015/17/B/HS4/00309 of National Science Centre, Poland.

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