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International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2018
Digital Nomads and the Changing Work Life of Technology Entrepreneurs in Nigeria
Oluwaseun David Adepoju1, Tolulope Omolara Agunbiade2
1Research Methods Faculty and Academic Librarian
African Leadership University, Kigali Rwanda 2Entrepreneurship Faculty, African Leadership University, Kigali Rwanda
Work life is changing and there is a new wave of work mode that is taking over the 21st century work space. Digital nomadicity has been an issue of discussion in the innovation space in the last one decade and the idea is becoming more and more accepted and explored across the world. Quite a number of research have been done on the emergence and lifestyle of digital nomads in different parts of the world but little or no empirical study has been done on the emergence of digital nomads in Nigeria and how this is influencing the regular 9-to- 5 work. This study explores digital nomads on the basis of their four digital nomads elements such as adventure and global travel, digital gig, gig work and nomadic work. This study serves as a reference to the emerging digital nomadicity in Nigeria and the changing landscape of work life for technology entrepreneurs.
1. Introduction
Technology has changed the work landscape in organizations and the idea of going to a physical office dedicated to a particular organization is becoming gradually obsolete. With the advancement in collaborative technologies and enterprise solution building skills, it has been observed that co-working spaces and innovation hubs are beginning to take over the future of offices and work. Most of the technology entrepreneurs prefer to work remotely on the move on in open innovation hubs without having to be necessarily be in the building of the organization they serve. Much more interesting is the fact that most technology entrepreneurs these days provide solutions to organization they have not even met in physically. This makes working easy and flexible for most of them. In the era where we call these aforementioned people digital nomads, it is very important to understand what fulfillment of purpose in terms of work life means to digital nomads since they no longer have to resume in a business dedicated office every single morning of their lives. In this study, insights are gained into the current perspectives of the general society on the real meaning of digital nomadism and the implications
for the future of work in Nigeria. This study also x- trays the challenges faced by digital nomads in Nigeria in terms of acceptance and cultural insinuations to hardwork and Sweaty Labor. Touches were made on the level of supposed financial prosperity of technology entrepreneurs as against their 9-5 counterparts. The study ends by summarizing the lessons and insights gotten from the whole analysis and suggestions were made for future research.
2. Literature Review
A number of public commentaries and opinions have been published globally on digital nomadism, however, solid research articles are still relatively scarce on this subject matter due to its gradual emergence in Nigeria. It is proud moment for the authors to note that this study is one of the foremost in Nigeria that is taking an academic research approach to studying digital nomadism [1, 4]. The explosive rise in the population of digital nomads was noted in the United states in earlier in 2018 when State of Independence America [3] discovered that 4.8 million people are already referring to themselves as independent workers or digital nomads. This unanimously pointed to the fact that many people are looking for freedom and independence in their work lives and they are finding the way put through digital nomadism. This growth in the number of digital nomads might possibly be an aftermath of tyranny and unfavourable treatment of employees by one man business bosses.
We cannot undermine the roles of technology in the maintenance of the digital nomad culture. Technology has remained the major driver of this culture and this has enabled digital nomads to create digital products using digital tools as they travel the world [4]. According to Nash et al. [2], “digital nomads engage with works that create digital goods using digital tools, what research has recently begun calling “digital work”. Gleanings from the afore stated is indicative of the fact that digital nomads largely engage in digital works. This understanding can give us the ground to conclude that digital
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