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International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2018
nomadism is directly intertwined with technology entrepreneurship. Since technology has broken down the physical barrier of work limitation, digital nomads can easily sit anywhere in the world and engage in digital works that directly serves any location in the world either cumulatively or real time service. The description of the content of the wok of digital nomads above should give us an insight into the broad categories these people fall into. Nash et., [2] noted that digital nomads falls largely into the categories of programmers, developers, designers, or content creators. We can further break these categories down into website designers, software engineers, data scientists, web app developers and creative content developers. This categorization of digital nomads is in resonance with the categories of the digital nomads interviewed in this study as each of them falls into one of the categories represented in the one stated above. It will not be an overstatement to note that digital nomads all around the world possess relatively similar skills that are basically digital and technological. In appreciating all the skills that skills that digital nomads possesses, Gandini [1] stated that digital nomads will be needed more in the digital society as they contribute to the digital economy. Their presence on the society has increased the capacities of the digital society to create more contents and businesses are able to reach more people with their services through the remote contributions of digital nomads. As they travel the world, they are becoming global citizens and they are acquiring knowledge of cultures and context which one way or the day influences their abilities to deliver premium services to clients and corporates. Every society must begin to measure and track the contributions of digital nomads to its economy. In Nigeria, efforts should be made by the government or some interested NGO’s in studying the contribution of the digital technology ecosystem to the Nigeria GDP. In conclusion, this review has been able touch on rapid increase of digital nomads all around the world, the flexibility of their work, the content of their work, the skills they possess, their categories in professional and their contributions to the digital society and its economy.
3. Methodology
An expository research was conducted using qualitative research method of an interview type. Naked data was gathered through a methodological triangulation from two sources: analytics of Nigerian based popular digital nomad forums and a series of interview for 5 digital nomads who are originally Nigerians but working remotely in Nigeria or from other parts of the world either providing services for a Nigerian firm or other foreign firms. Their responses are subjected to critical analysis and interpretation in order to understand the current
situation of digital nomadism in Nigeria and the impact it is having on technology ecosystem and work life generally.
3.1 Analysis of Interviews and Forum Statements
A series of questions were prepared as guided interview points for the randomly selected digital nomads in Nigeria. The following questions were asked in no particular order:
• Would you classify yourself as a digital nomad?
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• Do you prefer to work hubs/co-working spaces organizational building)?
from home/innovation or go to work (The
• Do you feel fulfilled in your work life working remotely?
• What are the advantages of working remotely as compared to working from the dedicated organizational building?
• What do you think is the future of office spaces in Nigeria?
On Techpoint.Africa, the biggest tech news and forum company in Nigeria, It was discovered that most of the forum articles on digital nomadism had no comments. Could it be that many people are not yet in tune with this new idea of remote working? For example, on a forum post titled “working nomads: VR for education and more”, the below statement was made:
“Won’t you go to work today?” If you have to answer this question or a different version of it frequently, especially with the suspicious glare that it typically comes with, then you probably belong to the league of remote workers. Well, in this part of the world, that could also make you some sort of alien — a lot of people still do not understand that you can get the work done without leaving your home”.
The statement above seems to be the experience of most digital nomads and remote worker in Nigeria. In this part of the world where people expect you to wake up in the morning and dress up for work, you are tagged lazy or fraudulent if you don’t go to work when others are going. To corroborate this, Joel, a UI/UX developer in Ibadan Nigeria had this to say on this particular issue;
“I have been tagged an online fraudster in my neighborhood because I don’t go to work when others in my house are going and I seem to be okay

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