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International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2018
“I literally made what my father made in his 35 years of public service in just 5 years because of technology and technology business that provide services to clients on a global scale. Technology made my work smart and I did not need to report to anybody in the morning before I work from the corner of my room. I sleep when I want and eat when I want while I am still working. Hard Work is good but smartwork is better in the technology centered society”.
The researchers are of the opinion that it is not unlikely that the greatest determinant of being a digital nomad is how smart an individual is in handling several task with efficiency and precision. The results summary are briefly listed below:
1. Digital nomadicity is still relatively unpopular in most parts of Nigeria
2. It seems to be the future of work option that combines both work and vacation at the same time
3. There is somewhat an economic and financial prosperity that comes with being a digital nomad as discovered form the responses.
4. Digital nomads and digital entrepreneurs face many issues with anti-crime commissions and the Nigerian Police force because of misrepresentation of identity.
5. Most digital nomads may never feel comfortable with 9-5 job life after being successful as a digital nomad.
6. Digital nomadicity is more popular in Lagos state Nigeria than in any other part of Nigeria.
The digital nomadism in Nigeria is evolving and the future potentials seem great for the Nigeria Innovation Ecosystem. Work is changing and working conditions are also drastically changing. We may not have seen the full endpoint of future of work in Nigeria but the current situation in digital nomadicity is giving us an insight into what we should expect in the next 5 years. we are most likely to have more smart workers and more people vacating the conventional offices. In this study, we have been able to make the aforementioned projections from the interview sessions from 5 digital nomads and technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
4. Conclusion
This study is regarded as an expository perspective to digital nomadism in Nigeria and not in any way conclusive yet. Digital nomadism is still an evolving subject in the Nigerian Innovation
Ecosystem. However, a number of technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria are already getting the dividends of these emerging field of interest. This study was able to analyze the current situation in Nigeria by interviewing five digital nomads and an evaluation of some digital nomads forum in Nigeria. Insights were gained and projections were made on the future of work in Nigeria and the trends of evolution of digital nomadism in Nigeria in next 5 years.
5. Reference
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