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Background. These playbooks were created based on external and internal research at Google and are meant to help guide employees through distributed work experiences.
Employees have unique experiences with distributed work, so we tailored our recommendations based on roles one might have on a distributed team. Here’s a high-level overview of the roles and the following slides have tailored recommendations:
Role Description
Distributed Employees
Do you often collaborate with teammates across locations? Looking for ways to improve your own distributed work experience, from building strong social connections to working around common logistical challenges? Look at slide# 3 for tips.
Buddies of Distributed Employees
We could all use a buddy from time to time, especially if a large portion of a team is together in one location and others are not. It can be really helpful for distributed workers to have someone looking out for them. Check out slide# 4 to be a better buddy for your distributed teammates.
Managers are uniquely positioned to set the tone and best practices when it comes to how their team approaches working across locations. Check out slide# 5 to help your distributed team connect easier.
It's important for leaders to not only communicate their investment in distributed work, but also follow through and demonstrate their support. Small things like defining and communicating a travel policy can help add clarity to the way Googlers work with one another across locations. Look at slide# 6 to learn more!

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