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Arranging logistics, like rooms and timezones
Ensuring technology supports the work you’re doing
Getting to know one another, building trust
Reach Out
It can be hard for teammates in other locations to be heard, as they often have to overcome barriers to jump in share. You can help create the space for them to speak up.
● Ask for input from the most isolated meeting participant any time the meeting breaks into a discussion.
● If you see someone trying to enter the conversation, stop and invite their comments.
● Say hi! Check in on a distributed teammate with an encouraging instant message, a project-relevant news article, or a funny photo - just because!
Get Talking
A little rapport goes a long way. Create opportunities to get to know your distributed teammates just like you would if they sat in the next desk over.
● Start meetings with an open-ended, personal question. Try “what did you do this weekend?”
● Try a group chat that is always “on” for work-related questions or fun, social messages.
● Share a virtual meal over video conferencing. But keep time zones in mind - your lunch may be someone’s breakfast or afternoon tea.
Traverse Time Zones
Scheduling a meeting that works for everyone is hard enough. It’s easy to forget what matters to your teammates, especially time zones and personal working hours.
● Add other time zones to your calendar.
● If you host a recurring meeting, try a rotating
schedule to ease the time zone burden.
Appreciate Differences
Cultural differences influence how people like to be visible or receive recognition; the way people act; and interpret the actions of others - but we’re not always aware of how culture influences behavior, experiences, or workstyle.
● Reflect: Some behaviors required for distributed work aren’t comfortable counter cultural identities, norms, or personalities.
● Teach a teammate something new about your culture (e.g., words in a new language, holidays/cultural traditions).
Working together when we’re not together: A buddy’s guide to distributed work
Research shows that distributed work can be as effective as working in the same office, but it isn’t always as easy or enjoyable. Why? Employees struggle to create 3 types of high-quality connections. But simple behaviors can help. This playbook is designed uniquely for you.
What can you do to improve distributed work?
“I need to put a lot more effort in for that [video conferencing] to come through as a human
Learn more at go/distributedwork
Connection Challenges

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