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S: No, they always work, it’s actually really fun. And all they have to do is really be them- selves for the camera.
T: Do they like the exposure?
S:Yeah! Theeb for example, the main guy we work with, his son was in the main cast and they ended up going to the Oscars.
T: Is that the first time out of the country?
S:Yeah, it’s their first time owning a passport even.
T: Did they feel pride for representing our country? Or did they not want the exposure.
S: No, they loved it! If you meet them, you’ll feel their presence and you’ll feel that they want to show off.
T:Yes, they’re certainly proud of their culture/tradition/heritage. But from what I hear, they are very private. Despite being welcoming, they might not want the exposure.
S: It depends on who you are and how familiar you are with them. And it really makes the difference when they can also benefit from you being there.They understand what the film industry is bringing to them, I’m sure a lot of them were not smart about it in the beginning but I think after meeting them and building that relationship with them, we understand that there are zero limitations as long as we keep everyone happy. And its less work for them than tourism, you have to get in cars, show tourists everything and go through the same routine over and over again. Sometimes you have explosion scenes, sometimes you can see celebrities and they get excited about these things.
T: Do they use their cellphones? Internet? Are any of them on Facebook? S:Yeah definitely, most of them.
T: What would they find shocking, what is the level of advancement/city life that they would not be used to.
S:Technology has all become familiar to them, many of them go to the city, buy the stuff and come back. It’s probably the people’s behavior that is more of a shock to them, espe- cially in comparison to particular parts of the city where people might be more liberal/ freer. I’m also sure that there is a different group of Bedouins who like living peacefully and stay away from all the tourism/filmmaking.
T: Do you feel like with the upcoming generations they will stop living in villages and slowly expand into the cities? I feel like it’s at a turning point now.While their grandfa- thers may have been pure Bedouins, now some of them are working in tourism, film- making etc..
S: I feel that it may be possible at some point. Not all of them have that opportunity at this point. It depends on which family you are from, what kind of money you have and how much work/tourism you have. I think that the opportunity is increasing.The idea of bringing their family into Amman is also scary to them, they are not used to women hav- ing a place in society, they are very traditional. Even the children, they are conservative towards their parents and I do not know if they are ready for the switch.When we have films, we tell the crew that 1,2,3 this is how you act around them and you can often see the resentment on both sides.
T: Do you feel that tourists/foreigners like being there? Seeing that experience?
S: Definitely, a lot of people really love it! Even though we are working in the heat of the dessert, they’ll love it and how different it is.They don’t mind the people, they’re different but they are very nice people and really welcoming.
T: I guess it’s a cultural experience isn’t it.

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