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the experimental nature of e-Residency has led to haste and lack of clarity. it has been argued that the startup-like philosophy adopted at the launch of e-Residency will have to be supplanted by a more stable framework as the programme matures.
in 2017, a case of fraud involving e-Residency came to light. the scheme involved appointing foreign nationals who exercised only a formal role to the management boards of companies in financial difficulty. the spring of 2018 saw a public debate between the startup community and financial sector, which drew criticism of the e-Residency programme from representatives of the Estonian Banking association. it was plain to see that e-Residency
can go forward only through cooperation between all stakeholders, taking into account their common interests.
the debate culminated in Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and the e-Residency programme making a joint call for the drafting of a new White Paper on e-Residency. in the course of the summer and autumn, tens of Estonian experts, politicians, officials and business figures put their heads together on how to reduce the risks related to e-Residency and increase the benefits generated by the programme.
E-Residency 2.0 as an influential community in every corner of the world
E-Residency 1.0 was a proof-of-concept experiment conducted by Estonian government departments and companies that demonstrated that there is demand for e-Residency around the world. it also proved that Estonia was able to earn revenue from e-Residency. Further developments could make the dream of a 10-million-strong e-Residency community a reality and provide an answer to the question: “why do we need so many e-residents, anyway?”
e-residency 2.0
E-Residency 2.0 is the new and improved version of e-Residency. it’s a springboard for the export of Estonian services, products and culture through a robust community that extends to everywhere in the world. By this means,
we make our economy and culture greater, and bolster Estonian security too.
For e-residents, Estonia offers increasingly convenient ways to successfully pursue activities independently of their location. indeed, digital nomads – professionals who live and work in more than one country and offer cross-border it and consultation services – are one focus of the programme,. E-Residency gives them a way to establish trusted companies in the European Union and remotely manage them with low overheads.

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