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whO are estOnia’s future e-residents?
Estonia has always extended beyond its borders. Like other countries, we have been surrounded by an international community of Estophiles, business partners, culture aficionados, and political allies. Estonia was the first in the world to accord official status to this constellation of supporters, by giving these people the e-Residency platform to make it even more effective and rewarding to network.
Basically, Estonian e-residents are people who deemed it necessary to apply for the status, pay state fees and entrust their data to the Estonian state, and whose application has been approved by Estonia. in this regard, e-Residency is like driving privileges – if a person meets the legal requirements and wants to have a driving licence, the state doesn’t start imposing additional demands such as what car they drive at a given time and where they want to travel. at the same time, drivers are expected not to endanger other motorists and must obey the law.
From the other vantage point, the Estonian state has its own objectives in developing e-Residency. in the same way, the state has its own goals in deciding where to build four-lane expressways, parking garages and airports to stimulate the economy, while restricting traffic in parks and courtyards for public safety and environmental protection. Estonia’s e-Residency objectives are tied to improving
the economy and advancing its culture, supporting the country’s security, and combatting money laundering, scams and other criminality.
in light of these objectives, the Estonian state is seeking e-residents who are directly or indirectly ready and able to take part in the Estonian economy or cultural sphere. For this purpose, we first have to visualize how different groups of e-residents impact Estonia.
a detailed understanding of this impact allows new decisions to be made – for example, Estonia wants to increase the size of the bracket made up of e-residents who contribute 100,000 to 500,000 euros per year
in Estonia in the form of direct taxes and job creation. 19

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