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Working Remote While Traveling - Digital Nomad Information Series

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Freelancing on the Road
How to Be a Digital Nomad
• The Dream
• The Reality
• What is a Digital Nomad?
o History of Digital Nomadism
o Who are the Digital Nomads?
• Becoming a Digital Nomad
o Practical Issues for Freelance Editors
o How I Became a Digital Nomad
• Life as a Digital Nomad
o The Challenges
o The Solutions
o My Life as a Digital Nomad
• Digital Nomad Nuts and Bolts
Becoming a Digital Nomad Check List
I’ll be ready to live the dream when I’ve ̈ checked my assumptions
̈ managed my expectations
̈ read widely about long-term travel and digital nomadism, all with a grain of salt
̈ prepared my friends, family, and clients for my new lifestyle
̈ researched where I want to go and planned an itinerary that makes sense and is flexible ̈ researched visa options and obligations for my whole itinerary
̈ researched the costs of living and considered my budget
̈ saved some money for emergencies and reentry
̈ made arrangements to rent out my home or give it up and store my things
̈ made arrangements for getting my mail, cashing my cheques, paying my taxes
̈ obtained an absence exemption for provincial health insurance
̈ purchased emergency medical travel insurance
̈ prepared a will, living will, and power of attorney
̈ got a good reliable computer and back up systems
̈ ensured my passport has plenty of pages and won’t expire
̈ obtained all the visas that must be obtained in my country of residence
̈ selected the right luggage for me
̈ set out everything I want to pack, put away half of it, then put half of it away again
̈ checked my assumptions, again
̈ managed my expectations, again
Editors’ Canada / PWAC Conference Copyright © Rachel Stuckey, 2016

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