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Remote Working Services From hSo
hSo provides many of the elements you may need to roll out Remote Working.
Connectivity – We provide ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC and FTTC2 business broadband connections. We can connect them to the Internet, or directly to your office. We can also provide your offices with leased lines that provide the bandwidth you need to handle many simultaneous 'remote desktop' sessions from remote workers.
Encryption & Authentication – We offer SSL VPNs and IPsec VPNs to protect your confidential data Telephony – We offer standard phone lines as well as VoIP for remote workers that can integrate
with office phone systems.
Collaboration Tools – We offer Mitel MiCollab Client, a piece of software that combines telephony, instant messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing, and screen sharing.
All our services are backed by Service Level Agreements, and are supported 24x7 by our London Customer Support Centre.
To find out more, visit or call 020 7847 4510.

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