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Impact of Working Remotely On Productivity and Professionalism
According to the Forbes Stats show that 44% of telecommuters don‟t have the relevant information with them when they are working from home. According to MicroExec, 2013, 88% of employees increase the impact of discussions by video conferencing. To solve for the challenge of craving more social interaction than working from home provides. Their some of the ways in which work from home can improve the professionalism at work from home like effective management of projects which is meeting to the submission dates prior to the deadlines it is better to under promise than under delivering the given work. Keeping away from distractions work from home suggests there will be many distractions especially who are homemaker taking care of children and their day to day chores which needs to be completed this factor is main reason where the professionalism of the telecommuters affect the most a daily timetable need to be set and time and hard work should be dedicated. Another major reason which affects the professionalism is working etiquettes namely the body language, dressing at webinars, keeping the work area clean, etc. This will help to maintain professionalism at work from home.
Richardson & Writer, 2017 implied that increase in modern technology work from home has increased the credibility i.e. increase usage of internet for web conferencing, voice mail, fax which made work more easier according to Richardson work from home has affected in positive as well as negative sense. Some highlights of positive side, employees can start their work according to their convenience this statement also negative impact convenience will give them the liberty to delay the work and not submitting the work on time. The attire and working etiquettes will be misguided this statement also has a positive side the employee can work freely and comfortable in different times.
Go, 2016 stated that the article mainly focuses on the on the gloomy side of work from home and the major failures after initiating work from home, the cultural differences which are faced by employees when they handle webinars. Work from home creates a communication gap between superior and the subordinates and other co-employees to communicate with in the team.
McCain, 2013, spoke about the pros of working from home like wearing favourite clothes, cutting the costs on office cum professional dresses, less commute time, and its benefits to moms; she also highlighted the cons of working from home. Such as isolations, distractions disconnect with the company, keeping personal and professional life separate. What I liked about the article was that it highlighted the point – “Cost of setting up a home office” with cost it not only means monetary cost but also the non- monetary cost, but it failed to specify which in particular.
MSG.E, This article shared the employers point of view. Many HR professionals say that work from home, imposes additional costs on the organizations in terms of home connectivity and other infrastructural aspects, which the organizations have to pay for the employees. Many managers also say that work from home, is a knock on effect wherein other employees want to follow suit and this creates an undesirable situation for organizations‟. It was also said that there is no way to keep a check on the employees‟ working hours when they work from home and hence, there is no way of knowing whether the employee is being extra productive or merely postponing work to be done once they return to the workplace. Ricci, 2014, This article spoke about telework research network which revealed that approximately 2.5 % of America‟s employee work force consider home as their primary and preferred work place. Ricci also cautioned that work from home can be less collaborative, absence of IT department and help desk.
Rogers, 2013, This article has a reference to Rogers Connected Workplace report which says that half of Canadians including both Baby Boomers and Generation Y employees - feel it's essential to work with the latest technology and want freedom to do so from anywhere, but lack in appropriate resources. Marissa Mayers, CEO at Yahoo, banned work from home. She wrote: “Speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. We need to be one Yahoo, and that starts with physically being together.”
Vanderkam, 2013, This article brought new insights such as The benefits to environment by taking cars off the road. It also revealed that one meta-analysis of 46 studies found that telecommuting was associated with more job satisfaction, less desire to leave an employer, and -- at modest levels -- had no effect on the quality of workplace relationships. In another study, researchers from BYU analyzed 24,436 IBM (IBM, -0.53%) employees in 75 countries to identify the point at which 25% of employees reported work-family conflicts. People with the ability to work from home and set their own hours could work 57 hours per week before a significant chunk experienced work-life stress. For those who had to be in the office at set hours, that break point occurred at 38 hours. However Karen Finerman, co-founder and president of Metropolitan Capital Advisors and author of Finerman‟s Rules, tried working from home. And said - “For me, working from home was literally the worst of everything,”
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