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Impact of Working Remotely On Productivity and Professionalism
III. Discussion
In 2013, Amabile & Kramer stated that the option of working remotely offers a number of benefits to the company and the employees at the same time. In 2013, Vanderkam highlighted something similar which are the possible benefits of the option of working remotely and how does it impact the way it affects the productivity of employees and quality of their relationship with the co-workers or managers.
Most of the articles and papers discussed in this secondary research bring to light both the negative and the positive sides of this lucrative work option for the company from the point of view of being cost effective and being comfortable for the employees.
IV. Limitation of These Studies
The papers by Amabile & Kramer, 2013 and Vanderkam, 2013, do not highlight any substantial challenge or difficulty either to the employees or to the company. These papers seem to have covered all possible benefits of the option but little did it talk about the operational or functional challenges that a company could face while adopting this mode of work. This is probably because the respondents/subjects of the research were only the employees who company chose to offer the option of working remotely. Most of the articles and papers do not mention demographic details of the respondents which makes it difficult to conclude whether both the genders would respond to the option in the same way or have similar point of view.
Most of the studies are surveys that just asked people about how they would feel if they were allowed to work remotely. There is not much data that talks about what actually happens if this option is functional and a substitute to working from office.
V. Conclusion
The option of working remotely has been gaining acceptance and could prove to be an economic and more feasible work option only if we are able to understand and tackle the challenges and difficulties it pose and exploit the benefits it offers. The expert articles, research papers, statistical data all point that this option poses business specific challenges related to employees‟ productivity and professionalism that need attention and thought before adopting this work mode besides the benefits it offers. With the limited data that is available, studies point out that there are more chances that this option would affect employee productivity and professionalism negatively than it would positively.
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