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[Dwellings for the Digital Nomad]
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Architecture, University Park, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, USA
Abstract. Due to the rapid adoption of cellular and web-based communication, modern cultures are less reliant on fixed environments – moving more frequently for work and play. The Jump Box is an investigation into the confluence of these phenomena—the exploration of a technologically sophisticated, customizable environment that enables those engaged in increasingly dynamic lifestyles.
“Modernism was in essence an age of transition. Architecture needs to be well informed and restless, offering advanced personal environments.”
— John Habraken, theoretician and former-head of MIT Architecture (2007).
1. Introduction
The rapid cultural adoption of recent digital technologies—specifically the internet, laptop computers, and satellite communications—has generated dramatic cultural change in the last two decades. As greater numbers of people adopt these evolving technologies (which are becoming smaller and more mobile almost daily) the form of our current dwellings may begin to limit one’s actions because they are: too expensive to purchase, too difficult to alter, non-recyclable, immovable, and lacking in technological integration. As such, it is conceivable that segments of the population adopting mobile technologies will seek living environments that enable greater fluidity in their domestic situations.
In this analysis I will expand upon arguments presented in the book Digital Nomad, by authors Makimoto and Manners (1997). Written a decade ago, they asserted that continued adoption of mobile technologies will create

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