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is that people are less interested in the process of creating a car, than they are in configuring the features they desire. (By comparison, working with an architect today is a process-intensive activity defined mostly by ambiguity and patience.)
RVs are incorporating many automotive technologies, but as yet, do little to advance predictive domestic technologies. Perhaps this is due to the fact that fixed real estate often relies upon “location, location, location” to appeal to consumers. If dwellings were more mobile, “features” would assume greater importance, stimulating innovation and increased competitiveness for enabling domestic technologies. A sort of dwelling as a product.
4. Digital Nomads
Those most aggressive in their adoption of digital technologies have already begun to exhibit a form of digital nomadism, moving about more freely for both work and play. In a service oriented white-collar society, increasing numbers of people may now work, either partially or primarily, via remote electronic means. Fluidity in physical location has become so prevalent that in May of 2005, the US Postal Service announced a Premium Mail Forwarding service to better enable those with diverse geographic lifestyles to attend to the physical correspondence that they are unable to receive digitally (USPS, 2005).
For those who enjoy the cultural and lifestyle benefits of cities, affordability is becoming a serious limiting factor—especially for large portions of the highly desirable “creative class” comprised of young knowledge-workers, artists, and gays (Florida, 2004). Many urban dwellers, often at the beginning of their wage earning years, may skip about from city to city chasing jobs, affordable living, auspicious weather, and/or propitious dating opportunities. One of the current penalties for this sort of nomadism is that many are unable to build equity, since renting is either the only affordable or available option that suits their fluid lifestyle. RVs represent a possible alternative, but are essentially incapable of integrating into urban environments. Even if they were, they may be stylistically undesirable to many urban dwellers, are difficult to alter, and require an integral engine or another vehicle to tow a trailer.
5. Jump Box—A Dwelling for the Digital Nomad
What may be of interest to the digital nomad is a domestic equivalent to the wondrously small flash memory device known as a “jump drive,” which is light, portable, and durable. If a jump drive can hold one’s digital life and be
3rd Int’l ASCAAD Conference on Em‘body’ing Virtual Architecture [ASCAAD-07, Alexandria, Egypt]

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