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easily carried about, digital nomads might also desire a dwelling that can hold one’s physical life and be easily toted about—a Jump Box.
What follows is a schematic vision for this new typology of dwelling. As such, I invite additional ideas, as well as criticism by those unconvinced. My intention is to further explore this concept thru collaborative developmental efforts that will include digital design explorations, development of an online configurator, physical studies, and finally, a proof-of-concept full- scale prototype.
To better address the growing desire for more flexible environments, I propose the creation of technologically enabled, customizable structures with interchangeable components. These structures would permit urban, suburban, and rural dwelling, using a variety of standard shipping techniques over land and sea. Picture the union of a shipping container and an RV. Picture an iPod for living—desirable, useful, convenient, and mobile. A vital aspect of this initiative includes stimulating consumer desire through strong branding and positive associations regarding adventure, much like those once evinced by the Wally Byham Caravans for Airstream. If done with proper vision, such a product would reverse some of the stigmatization regarding prefabrication. As such, this product differs from existing solutions—resembling a hybrid between RV, automobile, shipping container, and manufactured dwellings.
Figure 1: Jump Box Scheme #609, 2006. (Author)
To stimulate a broad range of solutions and enable greater market saturation, the core foundation of this collaborative effort is to create an open-source set of standards for the Jump Box, accessible to any interested manufacturer. This would enable construction of a standardized, durable 100 year chassis that permits almost unlimited solutions to be constructed above. Such a dwelling would encourage mass-customization (Pine, 1992), by users, and permit visualization, pre-configuration, and pricing through the use of online configurators. This approach would both accommodate single source solutions by well-branded companies, as well as permit mixing and matching of a variety of components by different designers/vendors. The
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