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Watch out for these pitfalls
Hiring workers for the wrong reasons. In today’s competitive hiring landscape, you might be tempted to bring someone on board as a remote worker because the ability to provide that arrangement shows off your company’s flexibility—which is a key attraction for many candidates. But as FlexJobs CEO Sara Fulton Fell cautions, “Hire them for the job. Don’t focus on the flexibility at all.”6 In other words, make sure people can be productive first and foremost.
Not understanding what a remote worker does. As a manager, you should have a realis- tic picture of what each of your employees is responsible for every day. This is especially important for remote workers because you need to be able to tell if they are meeting ex- pectations. If you don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, you’ll have a hard time connecting with them and ensuring they’re on track.
Forgetting about them. Always remember to keep remote workers involved in your conversations, even if they’re just little off-the-cuff chats. It only takes a second to send someone a quick message or to pull them into a video conference, and good remote workers will be ready for these spontaneous requests.

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