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You’re on your way. Highfive!
Thanks for reading our latest guide. We hope we’ve provided a clear picture of the issues surround- ing remote work from both an employee’s and a manager’s perspective. And we hope we’ve helped you understand how to build and sustain the kind of culture where remote workers can thrive— especially since the number of people working outside the office is only going to increase. In fact, some experts predict that half of the global workforce will work remotely at least 50% of the time by the year 2020.7
Being ready to embrace remote work means having the right tools in place. Highfive can help. We build video conferencing solutions for every room and every person. Want to see it in action? Just sign up for a free trial. To talk to a member of our sales team about what you need, click here, or call 844-464-4445.

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