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What is “remote work” anyway?
If you thought remote workers were just folks who work from home in their pajamas, think again. Re- mote work is working from any location that’s re- mote from a primary office—which means remote workers are also frequent travelers working from hotels and airports and trains. They’re people who work from coffee shops or smaller satellite offices one day a week. They’re freelancers or contractors with clients in multiple locations. And the list goes on. So much so, in fact, that as of 2014, almost a quarter of the US workforce spends part of every week working out of the office.1
That’s a lot of people unchained from the tradition- al desk and all its trappings.
This is a good thing. Employees are gaining flexi- bility and work-life balance. Companies are seeing spikes in productivity and creativity. And everyone seems to be saving money.
But make no mistake: Remote workers are still working. They have to be productive. They need to connect with their teams and customers. They have to be managed effectively. And these de- mands can create challenges, particularly in areas like communication and data accessibility. The question now is: How do we create a work culture that’s ideal for everyone—no matter where they plug in day to day?
In this guide, you’ll learn:
• Why remote work matters—for employees and their companies
• Tips to help remote workers elevate productivity
• What managers can do to connect meaningfully with remote team members • How everyone can avoid common pitfalls

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