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Develop an enterprise app store: Mobile devices have driven the creation of an unprecedented array of applications. Often these apps are useful. Sometimes they do not integrate well into the corporate information architecture. And sometimes they pose a security threat. Organizations are encouraged to take charge of the associated risks by creating an internal app store comprising the best of home-grown and external apps. The aim being that your users will trust and value your store rather than being contractually obliged to use it.
The transition to the digital economy is well underway. Industries are being disrupted and established organizations are struggling in terms of how to steer the ship in these uncharted waters. The opportunity to win big is now possible thanks to the networking effects of a mobile world. Economies of scale is no longer the moat that protected large organizations from competitors.
However, for organizations that are prepared to adjust their approach, the rewards are potentially very large. Recognizing that mobility is driving the digital economy is the first step to making the necessary changes.
About the authors
Pierre Mirlesse
Pierre Mirlesse leads HPE Mobility business in the EMEA region. Mirlesse joined HP (now known as Hewlett Packard Enterprise) over 20 years ago, advising industries and government organizations in their digital experience transformation. He has held a number of executive positions around the globe including Middle East-Africa VP, Worldwide SMB VP based in Palo Alto, Asia-Pacific VP for HP Managed Print Services, and distribution director in Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.
Pierre is a recognized industry keynote speaker. He now lives in the UK with his family. Find out more about Pierre on LinkedIn:
Ade McCormack
Ade McCormack is a near futurist, digital strategist, keynote speaker, and author. He is a columnist with CIO magazine, and a former columnist with the Financial Times, focusing on digital leadership. His experience extends over three decades and almost 30 countries across many sectors. He has written a number of books, including one on the future of work (Beyond Nine to Five—Your career guide to the digital age). He has also lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on digital leadership. For more information on Ade, visit
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