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5) Measure results and track business benefits
Tracking benefits from flexible work programs such as retention, cost savings, employee efficiency and happiness, etc., will allow companies to recognize what is working and which areas need improvement and growth. At Johns Hopkins, they track cases where workplace flexibility thrives and identify “work-life champions.” These are used as success stories to promote achievements and trust in their workplace flexibility policies and opportunities.
Closing Thoughts
The future of work needs to start with employee trust and view employees as workers who are able to collaborative, innovate, and co-create with team members. Then, companies should examine key roles and objectives to decide if working remotely will deliver the business results needed and if yes, what support systems need to be put into place like employee training, manager training and robust digital technologies.
The upside of remote working can be a workforce that thrives on trust, pervasive communications and real-time collaboration. Misconceptions such as loneliness, isolation, and “lack of face time,” can be surmounted by training, investment in digital technologies and a belief that remote workers can do their jobs efficiently away from the office. Work flexibility is the expectation of the future, and businesses that recognize this, and treat this as a business decision will have a competitive advantage in accessing a global talent pool.
“There is a stigma that remote workers are disconnected from the rest of the team, yet The Human Face of Remote Work proves that they are more sociable and reach out to develop strong relationships. The new technology and tools that enable communication and collaboration are actually forcing workers to pick up the phone, get face time, and create lasting bonds. This is the upside of remote work we rarely talk about.”
– Jeanne Meister Partner, Future Workplace

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