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10. 11.
employees working at VAPAHCS- or PAVIR-based locations, telecommuting and remote working employees will be expected to ensure the protection of proprietary company and research information accessible from their home office. Security steps include, but are not limited to:
1. Use of locked file cabinets and desks;
2. Regular password maintenance;
3. Any other steps appropriate for the job and the environment.
Official VA Research and PAVIR institutional documentation, including documentation that a research team may deem as official work records, may not be removed from the workplace. Employees are expected to check with their PI on the nature and identity of such records. With supervisor approval, copies may be made of such records if deemed necessary in the performance of the employee’s assigned tasks.
Injuries sustained by the employee while at their home work location and in conjunction with their regular work duties are normally covered by PAVIR's workers' compensation policy. Telecommuting and remote working employees are responsible for immediately notifying their supervisor and PAVIR HR of such work-related injuries in accordance with institutional workers’ compensation procedures. Unless applicable law provides otherwise, PAVIR is not liable for any injuries sustained by visitors to the employee’s work site and PAVIR is not responsible for injury to others at their telecommuting or remote work location.
Unless applicable law provides otherwise, the employee will be responsible for determining tax, licensing and other legal implications for the business use of the employee's home based on IRS and community (homeowner’s association), local, state and federal government requirements and restrictions. Responsibility for complying with and fulfilling all obligations in these areas rests solely with the employee.
Unless applicable law provides otherwise, all necessary insurance protections, disclosures, coverage requirements and costs attributable to the telecommuting or remote work arrangement are the sole responsibility of the employee.
PAVIR will determine, with information supplied by the employee and the PI, the appropriate equipment needs (including hardware, software, modems, phone and data lines, facsimile equipment or software, photocopiers, etc.) for each arrangement on a case-by-case basis. PAVIR HR and Information Technology (IT) departments will serve as resources in this matter.
1. Equipment supplied by PAVIR will be maintained by the institution and is to be used for business purposes. The employee will neither make personal use of nor allow others personal use of PAVIR equipment. Unless applicable law provides otherwise, the employee accepts financial responsibility for any PAVIR equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged because of gross negligence, or a willful or dishonest act.
1. The telecommuter or remote worker may be asked to sign an inventory of all office property and to agree to take appropriate action to protect the items from damage or theft.
2. Upon termination of employment all company property and records will be returned to PAVIR, unless other arrangements have been made.
2. Equipment supplied by the employee, if deemed appropriate by the institution, will be maintained by the employee. PAVIR accepts no responsibility for damage or repairs to employee-owned equipment.
3. PAVIR reserves the right to make determinations as to appropriate equipment, subject to change at any time.
Employees shall not use their personally owned vehicle for PAVIR business unless specifically directed by their supervisor or other manager to do so. If the use of a personal vehicle is required for the job, the employee and supervisor must contact PAVIR HR to discuss the process for company requirements.
All exceptions to the Telecommuting and Remote Work Agreement and the associated policy and procedure must be requested in writing by the responsible manager and approved in writing by the PAVIR CEO or delegate.
The availability of telecommuting or remote work as a flexible work arrangement for employees of PAVIR can be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the employer. Every effort will be made to provide 30 days’ notice of such a change to accommodate commuting, child care and other problems that may arise from such a change. There may be instances, however, where no notice is possible.
Either an employee or a supervisor can suggest telecommuting or remote work as a possible work arrangement. Employee and supervisor should read and discuss this policy and the related agreement with special attention to the factors below.
1. The employee must agree to remain accessible and respond timely to communications and needs from other management, staff, and collaborators or supported groups. The employee must, within a reasonable time during the agreed upon work schedule, be accessible by phone, video, online chat, email or any other method agreed upon at the onset of the telecommuting or remote work agreement.
2. An appropriate level of communication between the telecommuter or remote worker and supervisor will be agreed to as part of the discussion. The supervisor and telecommuter or remote worker will communicate at a level consistent with employees working at the office or in a manner and frequency that seems appropriate for the job and the individuals involved.
3. Employees who telecommute or work remotely may be required to report to their VAPAHCS or PAVIR-based
13. 14.
1. 2. 2 ocedure/

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