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location from time to time as part of their regular job to perform duties, receive training or participate in meetings. Notice of the need to report to the VAPAHCS- or PAVIR-based location should be provided as early as practical to allow for the employee to make appropriate plans and arrangements.
3. If, after the discussion, the employee and supervisor agree to proceed with the arrangement, they will complete and sign the Telecommuting and Remote Work Agreement and submit it to the HR Director to review. The final decision to approve or deny the telecommuting or remote work request will rest with the PAVIR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or delegate, who will evaluate the suitability of such an arrangement paying attention but not limited to the following areas:
Employee Suitability –the needs and work habits of the employee, compared to traits customarily recognized as appropriate for successful telecommuters and remote workers.
Job Responsibilities –the job responsibilities to determine if the job is appropriate for a telecommuting or remote work arrangement.
Equipment needs –necessary equipment, telecommunications, other secured computer/data network access and workspace design considerations.
Telecommuting or Remote Work Schedule –appropriate schedule and the general and specific assignments or tasks that are to be performed. Please note, ultimately the supervisor is the final decision maker as to final schedule.
4. Upon execution by the CEO, both the employee and supervisor will receive a fully executed copy of the agreement.
5. The Telecommuting and Remote Work Agreement must be executed prior to commencing formal telecommuting or
remote working. In some cases, the commencement of telecommuting or remote working may be delayed if administratively necessary for purposes of establishing payroll in a new state or location. In cases, where an employee will work out of state due to relocation, the request should be made at least 2 months in advance so PAVIR has enough time to ensure payroll and HR functions can be administrated properly.
6. PAVIR HR will train managers how to monitor, coach, and supervise an employee who is telecommuting or working remotely. 3 ocedure/

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