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MAKIMOTO LIBRARY / Exhibit V The Age of the Digital Nomad
Commentary on “The Age of the Digital Nomad – Impact of CMOS Innovation”
This is an introductory comment on the paper published in the winter 2013 issue of IEEE Solid State Circuits Magazine to describe a new lifestyle opened by CMOS innovation.
“Digital Nomad” (English version) was published in 1997 by the author together with David Manners, a technical writer in the UK. The Chinese version, with the title meaning “Nomadic Company Workers”, was published in the next year followed by the Japanese version.
This book describes a forecast of lifestyle changes which would come in the near future where pocket-size intelligent universal terminals would be realized by the semiconductor technology innovation, which would relieve people from the constraints of time and place.
In 2007, exactly 10 years after the publication of “Digital Nomad”, iPhone was released from Apple, and it triggered the start of the era of intelligent universal terminals. People are now able to work and play by freely manipulating smartphones and tablets in trains and airports. See image below. Many books related to “Nomad” were published and even “Nomad Cafe” appeared from around 2010, and now we can call it the era of digital nomad.
It was the power of semiconductor innovation that has enabled large scale social transformation like this, and CMOS innovation played the central role here.
The IEEE Solid State Circuit Magazine (Winter 2013) on which this paper was published featured a collection of papers on low power ICs, and the guest editor for this issue was Toshiaki Masuhara (then Executive Director of LEAP). This paper was written by his invitation.
I remember my struggle in English writing with a dictionary in my hand in the summer heat to meet the dead line of September 2012.
"Digital Nomads" in the train

Image | The Age of the Digital Nomad

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