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Some personal thoughts on being a “digital nomad”. First of all, this is my theory:
Humans have evolved to be nomads, and hunter gatherers, because life is unpredictable.
For example, before we invented agriculture and city states, we had to keep roaming, wandering, to just stay alive.
We needed to go explore, in order to have access to more food and resources.
Even as humans, being bipeds (walking on two legs)— we evolved to walk on two legs because we can walk longer distances with less fatigued, when compared to four legged animals. Four legged animals can run faster than us, but we can out- run four legged animals (in terms of distances). I even read something like early humans killed animals by simply chasing them around for hours, until the animals would overheat, and die.
I also think we evolved to become omnivores (eating both meat and plants) because our sources of food were so uncertain.
Therefore, my idea is that the natural human DNA is engineered to be a nomad, to live without stability, and to live not in just one spot.
Now the good thing and the bad thing is that we have modern society. We have stability and predictability. We no longer need to hunt or forage for our food. We no longer need to fear death and starvation.

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