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The six key business benefits of remote working
What started as a minor workplace trend has recently picked up pace and now shows no sign of slowing down. The amount of professionals working remotely has increased by over a third in the last three years1 and some 60% of office-based employees are expected to do so regularly by 2022, according to a recent survey of UK business owners2.
Employees fed up with strenuous commutes will undoubtedly welcome a future where they can work from the comfort of their own couch but business owners also stand to gain from enabling their workforce to conduct business anytime, anywhere.
In addition to happier, more relaxed staff, remote-working initiatives can also deliver a host of tangible benefits for the business. In the checklist below, we’ve summarised the six we believe to be the most important and outline the key considerations for managers looking to implement a remote working initiative.
1. Cut costs
Remote working can significantly contribute to a reduction in office overheads and expenditure, with 46% of businesses citing office cost reduction as the main benefit.3 This can prove a significant advantage for growing organisations in particular as it allows them to increase their workforce without expanding their office space.
2. Recruit and retain the best staff
It’s unlikely that the talent your organisation requires lives in the immediate vicinity of your offices. With a remote working initiative in place you can advertise job opportunities across the globe if needs be, safe in the knowledge that the location of your organisation won’t discourage the most talented candidates from applying.
By the same token, enabling remote working can help your organisation retain staff. If a valuable employee is forced to relocate, you can keep them on the books by enabling them to work from their new home. This way their skills and expertise stay and you save on the cost
of replacing a key member of staff, which can amount to over £30,000.43. Boost productivity
Tube strikes, train delays and everyday traffic can make commuting to work and between meetings a slow and painful grind that consumes time and erodes staff productivity. By contrast, enabling your staff to work offsite at times that suit them can have the opposite effect: 60% of HR directors believe giving employees greater autonomy over working
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