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practices, with initiatives such as flexi-time, results in an increase in productivity.5
4. Remote workers are less stressed
Allowing staff to work in a way that suits both them and your organisation can contribute
to increased job satisfaction, motivation and engagement according to inc.com6. A change is as good as a rest as the saying goes, so giving staff the choice to change location can help them get a better grip on their work-life balance and makes for an altogether happier workforce.
5. Improved business continuity
Adverse weather conditions, national events,
rail strikes... There are numerous factors outside
of your organisation’s control that can impact your staff’s ability to commute to the office. To take rail strikes as an example, The Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that upcoming action will see 10 per cent of the national workforce missing a day’s work.7
With a remote working infrastructure in place, organisations can spread the risk of uncontrollable events, ensuring business as usual if disaster strikes.
6. Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint
Organisations are under constant pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Enabling remote working can be a simple and cost-effective means of doing so. Running fewer devices onsite
can significantly reduce your organisation’s electricity consumption and with less people commuting into your office, you can limit the amount of greenhouse gases you’re producing as a business.
An example of this approach in action is Dell’s “2020 Legacy of Good Plan”. In 2012 Dell pledged to make 50 per cent of its workforce remote
by 2020 to reduce its emissions. By 2014, this program had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 6,700 metric tons, the equivalent of not driving 16 million miles.8
Our top tips for an effective remote working culture
> Avoidsocialisolation
Communicate regularly and effectively to avoid staff feeling disconnected
> Maximisesecurity
Provide secure access to all data and IT systems
> Encouragetrust&loyalty
Ensure policies are documented and accessible to align expectations
> Assigntaskswithtimelines
Clearly define objectives so that productivity and quality of work can be measured
> Investintech
Maximise team performance by ensuring teams have the tools they need
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