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Chapter 2: How to Build Culture in a Remote Team 17
1. Culture is About More Than Ping-Pong Tables
The first thing to realize is that your culture has to be built around more than ping pong tables. Games and other group activities that lend themselves to being in person are simply not a possibility on a day-to-day basis for remote teams. Therefore, your culture has to be built around something more than playing table tennis to unite the team.
2. Culture is About How You Work
Everyone that works on Zapier has bought into the belief that you come to work for the work, not for the ping pong. Most of your time at work is going to be work, so the work has to be rewarding by itself. Here are examples:
• How we talk to customers (is speed more important than quality?)
• How we communicate with each other (is this a phone call conversation or an email conversation or a chat conversa- tion?)

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