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Chapter 3: How to Hire a Remote Team 33
of the people in the area are excited about Zapier and stay in
touch with what we do.
• Your own userbase: If you’re fortunate enough to have a
large userbase that matches the credentials you need, then it can be a great place to recruit from. We do this by following a trick of Buffer’s and placing a subtle “is hiring!” link under our logo so it’s impossible for site visitors to miss. This drives dozens of daily applications when we have open positions. Additionally, your users are likely a strong culture fit since they are already more familiar with your company and how you operate.
• Your blog: We don’t publish positions on our blog but still see our increased content effort pay off in the hiring process. To our surprise, almost every candidate mentions the blog as a reason they want to work at Zapier.
• Blog posts about your company: Similar to No. 4, much of our blog writing is about how we work (like this book). The people who connect with how we work get excited enough to search for how they can work alongside us.
• Ask teammates to help with sourcing: Some companies take a really aggressive stance and mine every employees’ social networks for potential job candidates. I haven’t found this to be necessary. Instead, simply ask teammates to help spread the word and with the goal of getting an awesome new teammate. Often times, people are excited about working

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