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Chapter 7: How to Run a Remote Team Meeting 76
Meeting Equipment
One aspect we initially undervalued was the right equipment. As long as you have an internet connection then you should be good to go for the team hangout, right?
It’s not quite that simple. A poor internet connect and poor head- phone/microphone combination makes participation in the meeting almost impossible.
If at all unavoidable you should join the meeting on a strong inter- net connection; wired if possible. We also recommend teammates have a good set of headphones.
Why Does This Work?
Caveat: I’m not a behavioral scientist. After running these meetings for several years, I’ve found this meeting structure works well for the following reasons.
1. It requires minimal preparation for everyone. All that’s re- quired before the meeting is a short update post on what you did that week.
2. Themeetingfocusesonansweringspecificquestionsindivid- ual team members have. Information sharing happens before the discussion starts so there is minimal time wasted giving information vocally.
3. It follows a specific structure. The structure allows the meet- ing to run quickly and smoothly. Little time gets wasted figuring out what should get talked about and who should be talking.
4. Everyone gets ample time to have their questions answered, rather than a dominant voice controlling the meeting. The 5-minute circle makes sure all voices get heard.

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