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Chapter 7: How to Run a Remote Team Meeting 77
5. The 5-minute limit ensures the most important topics get discussed. It also makes sure everyone is succinct in asking questions and in answering them. There isn’t time to be long- winded.
6. Properuseoftools.Slack,GoogleDocs,GoToMeeting,Google Calendar and Zapier all combine to make sure that the meeting runs smoothly.
7. Informationgetsdocumented.Becauseeveryonewritestheir updates in Google Doc, the bulk of the meeting gets docu- mented and saved for reference later.
How Will This Scale?
Truthfully, I’m not sure.
We used to do this meeting with everyone in the company. Now we’ve sharded to team meetings. Anecdotally, it seems like once you get to 10 or more people the usefulness of a meeting like this starts to decline so it’s time to think of ways to restructure teams to be smaller. You can likely do more people if the topic is pretty narrow. The more divergent the topics the more you might need to split.
Either way, we’ll continue to experiment and tweak as we grow. Even without an answer for scaling, this is a worthwhile meeting structure to share since it has been effective for us for quite some time.
Written by Wade Foster

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