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Chapter 9: This is What a Remote Office Looks Like 89
Alison Groves, Customer Champion - Nashville, Tenn.
Setup: I’m a MacBook Pro 27-inch Cinema Display gal. I like having a lot of screen space so I can reference things and respond to users at the same time.
Workspace Temperature: In winter, the heat is set to 65 degrees with a space heater underneath my desk. In the summer, the air is set to 78 degrees with a fan on in my office. My dad raised us to be very frugal with energy, so I have my Nest thermometer on a very strict schedule.
Music: I’m a huge Sigur Ros fan, so anything in the Icelandic ambient category is my jam. I’m so ADD that I can’t ever really listen to lyrics and read/write at the same time, so I stick to a band that doesn’t sing in English.
I blast the music, so I can at least be aware of my surroundings

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