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Chapter 9: This is What a Remote Office Looks Like 92 etc.
Christopher Peters, Data Scientist - Miami, Florida
Setup: MacBook Air, a Geek Desk stand-up desk, noise-canceling headphones, and an internet connection. Most of my work is done on Amazon EC2 instances, so truly the “cloud” is probably my most invaluable tool. I’m a huge fan of Amazon’s Redshift analytics database.
Workspace Temperature: 70 degrees (F), generally. Although, I have two windows next to my workspace that sometimes I open in order to enjoy a nice and warm breeze. Sometimes I just get tired of the air conditioning.
Music: I’m a huge fan of ambient music. I find that intense music will sap my energy, so I like to keep it chill and ambient. Sometimes I get an itch for various forms of hip hop, but usually when I need to work on a task that doesn’t require my full focus.
Office Quirks That Might Drive Teammates Bonkers: I’m super sensitive to sound and interruption, so I’m almost militant about blocking out outside noise and distractions.

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