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Chapter 9: This is What a Remote Office Looks Like 101
Micah Bennett, Customer Champion - Palatine, Ill.
Setup: To really be able to get stuff done, the biggest thing for me is cutting down on distractions. So in my office there’s no pictures or other visual cues cluttering my workspace if I can help it, and it’s a separate room so I can make sure things are quiet.
Workspace Temperature: I’m not super picky, but I guess I’d rather lean towards a cooler area. I can always add more layers/blankets, but sweating through the day eats up willpower.
Music: I go back and forth with music, but mostly it’s no music, instrumental, or music I’m very familiar with so it doesn’t distract.
Office Quirks That Might Drive Teammates Bonkers: I’m a bit squirmy by nature, so if I was right next to my teammates or across a table from them all day they might get a bit irritated/distracted by my constant movement in my chair.

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