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Chapter 11: How to Find Your Optimal Work Environment and Boost Productivity
Time of Day
As more of us are working remotely, joining co-working spaces or working from home these days, we have more flexibility to work at the times when we’re most productive. We can finally pay attention to what helps us do more, better work.
To start with, we all have a built-in body clock called a circadian rhythm that runs a little differently to everyone else’s. This is what determines whether we’re night owls or morning larks. Depending on how your internal body clock runs, you could be more suited to a particular part of the day. Generally speaking, we all start out being most suited to early mornings, and our body clocks slip later during adolescence, when we prefer to sleep in and stay up late. As we become adults, some of us hang on to these night owl tendencies, others become extreme morning larks, and most of us slide into a comfortable middle ground.
You probably already know what times of day suit you best, but if not, it’s worth exploring since being tired will hurt your

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