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​WELCOME​. Who doesn’t dream of escaping the 9–5 grind to spend life lounging on sunny beaches?
It’s a dream most can relate to but that few have actually actualized. Until recently.
There’s a new brand of long-term traveler: the digital nomad. These digital nomads are the stars of our first online magazine, TRAVEL2GO.
They’re called “digital” because they rely on digital technologies to allow them to work location-independently. All they need to check in to work is strong Wi-Fi and a laptop. Many are freelancers and entrepreneurs but others have full-time remote positions.
“Nomad” comes from their propensity for living life on the go. Nomadic life can mean you’re in Chiang Mai one week and Mexico City the next. But it can also mean you have a home base in Budapest where you spend a few months every year. For the rest of the year, you’re fancy-free, dashing off emails between catching waves in Portugal or supplementing your online income with seasonal work at an Argentinian ranch.
Our product, an ​email marketing​ software, is an online tool for use anywhere. We at Newsletter2Go were curious about these folks taking working on the go to new levels. We polled 90+ existing or aspiring nomads, asking what they wanted to read about.
It turns out people wanted to know about ​real ​nomads. How do they make it work? What are their struggles? Their unvarnished stories? So we interviewed digital nomads originally from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, the U.S. and Canada, to name just a few.
What we discovered was a vibrant, savvy community that inspired us. And the 15 personal stories nomads shared with us became this magazine’s beating heart.
We spoke with nomads from a diverse array of ages, nationalities, backgrounds and ethnicities and lifestyles. We spoke with slow travelers who orbit a home base for most of the year and fast travelers hitting dozens of a countries every six months. We spoke with some who had been living the digital nomad life since before it became common parlance and others just one year out. We spoke with families, singles and couples.
From these 15 inspiring tales, we learned one thing. There’s no single path to becoming a digital nomad. There are myriad ways. In fact, anyone can do it.
Curious about whether the digital nomad lifestyle might work for you, too? You bet it can. But don’t take our word for it – let the stories we’ve collected convince you.

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