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Deployment and Support
Similar to how the products foster collaboration within a mobile workforce, the rollout of Microsoft technology solutions to remote users can be accomplished virtually.
Microsoft Unified Communications and Online Services provide easy-to-use solutions that address how to most effectively manage the IT support needs of remote users.
Rather than risk losing productivity from shipping computers to the corporate office or having the added expense of sending IT staff into the field, with Unified Communications and Online Services companies can implement virtual system administration—a process that is completely invisible to the end user.
The benefit is that remote employees can focus their priorities on the things that truly matter to your business’s bottom line. After all, it’s all about performance.
“Microsoft products work for us. We choose Unified Communications because it mitigates a lot of the risk. It’s streamlined and efficient, and it allows us to work smarter.”
James Sinclair CEO OnSite Consulting

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