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Tips for Delivering the Remote-Work Announcement
A successful deployment of a remote-work program results in a combination of technologies with policies.
After you have implemented the proper remote-work technology infrastructure, it is important to broadly communicate the usage policy. Setting clear guidelines and expectations right from the start helps establish trust between company management and staff, and it ensures effective use of the remote-work policy across the organization.
Consider using the following three steps to help you unveil a new remote-work program:
Step 1. Develop and share a plan that has clear expectations. This includes appropriate use of company property, such as computers and mobile phones, and guidelines on reimbursable expenses.
Step 2. Address any potential concerns. Make it very clear that working remotely will not influence raises, bonuses, or promotions. Doing this reiterates performance expectations and company reward programs.
Step 3. Establish clear channels of communication with expectations and schedules.
Establishing and effectively communicating a remote-work policy sets ground rules and helps to build trust across the entire organization.
According to a survey on remote working, only 41 percent of companies have a formal remote-work policy. In those companies
that do have a remote-work policy, only 37 percent of employees take advantage of it.

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