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Remote-Work Etiquette
Although employees may be familiar with workplace etiquette, remote-work protocol is a new horizon. Once your organization implements a remote-work policy, it is recommended that employees are given suggestions for proper etiquette when working outside the office. Following are some tips to share with your staff to help them stay focused and collaborate better with colleagues:
• Define your spaces. Separate work from home. Have a room dedicated to working—one that is removed as much as possible from potential distractions. That way, when you enter it, you know it’s time to work. This approach helps you change your state of mind from “I’m at home” to “I’m at work.” The best option is to use a room with a door for added privacy during conference calls.
• Make appointments. You set aside time to meet with someone in person, so why not make appointments for important telephone calls? By booking time, you can be sure that your coworkers will be prepared and focused.
• Stay focused when on conference calls. It's easy to stray when meetings go long, but keep multitasking to a minimum during phone conferences. The other party can almost certainly hear your keyboard clicking while you respond to someone else's e-mail message.
• Stay online as much as possible. If you are not online, it is likely that people may think you are not working—even if you are. Respond quickly to e-mail and your colleagues will know you are being productive.
• Be assertive. Don't always wait for people to contact you. Ask for information if you don't believe you have received it.
• Establish a schedule. Keep home work hours similar to those you would keep at an office. Your manager, coworkers, and customers appreciate knowing when you are available.
• Take breaks. Plan time to get up and move around. Consider going for a walk or a run during your lunch break to keep your mind fresh.
• Focus on objectives. Work with your manager to define clear goals and objectives against which your performance can be measured.

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