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Case Study: BizTech Solutions Inc.
The use of remote workers has become an integral business strategy for BizTech Solutions, a provider of business solutions, such as data capture, workflow, and document management. With rising gas prices and a need to have a presence in locations across the country, BizTech Solutions migrated to a remote-work model as part of the company culture.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Communications Server
An early adopter of Microsoft Office Communications Server, BizTech has capitalized on remote technologies to foster collaboration and better manage productivity of consultants in the field.
The migration to a remote-work model has helped BizTech realize a savings of more than $105,000 a year in overhead costs. In addition, remote working has helped the organization reduce its carbon footprint and increased cost savings for employees who work from home.
“From my perspective, employing a remote workforce has led to better coverage for our customers and it allows me to spend more time with our clients and employees in the field.”
Doane Hadley President BizTech Solutions Inc.

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