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Case Study: OnSite Consulting
OnSite Consulting is a nationwide hospitality consulting company with 65 employees that focuses on insolvency, distress, or concept repositioning in the hotel, casino, and restaurant industries. Its mission is to help remote workers be more productive. From the company’s inception, its founder decided against brick-and-mortar and instead deployed a remote workforce.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SMB technologies have helped OnSite Consulting realize greater e-mail and document efficiencies, while fostering an environment of autonomy among employees.
In addition to an estimated annual savings of $1 million in overhead, the remote- work policy at OnSite has helped turn staff members into “income generators.”
Moving to a remote workforce also has helped OnSite formulate a training program offering growth opportunities for successful employees.
“The mobile organization, time management, and added responsibility have helped me learn how to better manage and judge the performance of my staff.”
James Sinclair CEO OnSite Consulting

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