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Three types of behavioral tactics were found i.e. using other people who filter undesired demands from work and home, using technology such as use of two cell phones and setting priorities in advance e.g. involving others in which items to filter and which to allow pass the boundary.
 Temporal tactics involve managing work home time and some mothers were found to change routines and block off time to attend to work or family issues, finding respite such as taking a break and synchronizing tasks.
 Physical tactics include manipulating physical boundaries e.g. turning off cell phone, manipulating physical distance between domains e.g. some mothers chose to live close to work while others chose to live far away and managing physical objects e.g. choosing not to do anything related to work after 5pm.
 Communicative tactics involve setting expectations e.g. not working late, renegotiating expectations e.g. when an unexpected problem arises and confronting violations e.g. if the boss calls on Sunday (Von Borell de Araujo et al, 2015, pp 570-576).
Gorham (2006) calls for women to exercise management skills in the home such as delegation of responsibilities, efficient use of time and resources and coordination of activities. According to Mellner at al (2016, abstract) employees now have more work flexibility and are more adept at organizing their work in time and space i.e. boundaryless work. The authors highlight the need to manage effectively the boundaries between work and personal life, so as to renew one’s energies and get adequate sleep. In a study carried out among Swedish professional workers (N=3,846) the results showed that working boundlessly in time i.e. spread out over the whole day and week, was directly linked to long weekly work hours and lack of psychological detachment. In contrast, working boundlessly in space i.e. at various locations was inversely associated with weekly work hours and had no association with psychological detachment.
In a study conducted by Tunyaplin et al (1998, p 183) the participants when asked if given the opportunity, how would they divide their time between a home office and a remote job site i.e. how many days per week would they work from home? Over 75% of respondents regardless of

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